Services provided by Haddad

COVID-19 Vaccinations

Haddad Pharmacy Group is an approved vaccination provider, bookings can be made here

Dose Administration Aids

Haddad Pharmacy Group understands the importance of achieving compliance with medication. We also strive to simplify the delivery aids to ensure ease of administration. That is why we offer numerous different forms of dose administration aids to suit each individuals requirements.

Consultant Pharmacy Service

Haddad Pharmacy Group employs a team of very experienced accredited pharmacists who provide the highest level of service to the Residential Aged Care Facilities.

Residential Care

Haddad Pharmacy Group - Unley specialises in the provision of medication and services to many Residential Aged Care Facilities both locally and remote, offering free packaging of medication and free delivery/courier services to each site.

Blood pressure screening

Appointments can be made for the first Monday of each month, for blood pressure testing and consultation about tips to help prevent or manage high blood pressure.Weight management advice

The pharmacist will sit down with you and discuss your weight management goals and work out a plan to assist you in your path to a healthy weight.